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JUVEDERM VOLIFT - our most versatile filler from the VYCROSS™ Collection is now available in a convenient 0.55ml volume

juvederm volift

What patients want

Consumer insight has shown that patients fear an unnatural result.1 They want treatments that maintain their original facial expressiveness.2 Achieving this natural and individualised look involves careful consideration and treatment planning.2

Building in a follow-up session a couple of weeks after treatment gives you an opportunity to assess initial results and gather patient feedback.

And now with JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® Retouch, you can easily perfect treatments at this stage too, helping you maximise patient satisfaction3 and build lasting patient relationships.

Treatment planning protocol

Initial patient consultation (Week 0)

  • Discuss and assess patient needs
  • Develop a personalised treatment plan

Initial treatment (Week 0)

  • Treatment according to individualished needs

Treat the most requested areas of the face with ИИИИ^И products from the VYCROSS™ Collection

Assessment & follow-up (Week 2-4)

  • Assess initial results
  • Gather patient feedback
  • Discuss future treatment plans

Refine and perfect initial treatment according to individual needs with JUVEDERM VOLIFT Retouch

Perfecting patient outcomes

JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® Retouch is suitable for the refinement and perfection of initial treatment with an Allergan filler* - helping you achieve the appropriate aesthetic result for each patient while maintaining real expressions.

JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® Retouch is the ideal product for touch-up treatments - its broad versatility allows you to fill deep skin depressions, restore volume, and improve face contouring.

Use JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® Retouch for:

juvederm litsojuvederm litso2

Enhance results, without the waste

With the introduction of the 2 x 0.55ml configuration of JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® Retouch you no longer need to open a full 1mI syringe of filler if further treatment is required, which helps minimise product wastage.

This reduces the cost to you and your patients at this stage, giving you the flexibility to provide follow-up care as part of your patient's individualised treatment plan.

All the benefits of VYCROSS™ technology

Both JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® and JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® Retouch benefit from unique VYCROSS™ technology, resulting in:
• smooth gels for a natural look and feel
• minimal gel swelling
• thorough tissue integration
• optimal duration

juvederm litso3

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